Butterfly Ninjas


Butterfly Ninjas are the nationwide Choose Courage Foundation volunteer group committed to growing awareness about domestic violence and supporting the Choose Courage Foundation.

They use their ninja skills to spread awareness, encourage victims to seek help, and prevent the next generation of abuse.

YOU can be a Butterfly Ninja: Survivors, supporters, men, women, and ANYONE wanting to help is invited to join our community of dedicated volunteers.


together we can break the shame, stigma, and silence surrouding domestic violence.


Becoming a Butterfly Ninja is easy! Click the button below to sign up, then request to join the private Facebook group – Butterfly Ninjas and watch the group for missions and get started volunteering.


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Assist on a CCF Photoshoot

Greet guests at Art Festivals

Volunteer to work with our Teen Ambassadors

Distribute butterflies as a part of the Butterfly Brigade

Invite friends to get involved

What’s your why?

A “why” is a statement of purpose that describes why we do the work we do. Although our goal to break the shame, stimga, and silence of domestic abuse may be the same, everyone has their own “why” that drives them to volunteer with us.

If you have a heart to make a difference please join us!  #BreakingShame from coast to coast.

amber's why

“I want them to know someone is always listening or just to help support them.”

misty's why

“People have to know that they don’t deserve to be treated that way, and if they see that there are survivors who got out and moved on it could help motivate them to do the same.”

rhonda's why

“To empower women through beauty.”

Peggy's Why

“I want to help people find their worth.”

april's why

“I want to help prevent someone from having to go through what I went through.”

Bev's why

“To build up others.”
know a teen who might be interested in volunteering with us?
They can become a Teen Ambassador with our #redflag Teen Project, a program that empowers teens to know and recognize relationship #redflags in a dating situation.