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breaking the shame, stigma, and silence of domestic violence.

A Triptych: Healing

Greetings after quite some time, my fellow Choose Courage Foundation supporters! I am writing...

The Power in a Photograph by Michelle Wallis Hurst

In a box of old photographs, I found images of my grandmother holding me in front of a birthday...

Lost Voices: Child Survivors of Domestic Violence

My following blogs will touch on the lost voices of domestic violence, including men, POC, LGBTQ...

Survive and Thrive

  Happy New Year, fellow Butterfly Ninjas, survivors,...

Marian’s Tips for Helping a Friend

Greetings, fellow Butterfly Ninjas, fellow survivors, and all of the wonderful supporters of The...

Building a Lasting Relationship

Greetings, my fellow Survivors, Butterfly Ninjas, and Choose Courage Foundation Supporters! My...

Teen Takeover Production Day!

“Snacks, Marian. ALL of the snacks.” -Rhonda Brunson  More valid words have not been spoken;...

Relationship Green by Marian

F(riendship) L(ove) A(ccountability) G(race) S(tability) I am grateful to have the opportunity to...

Finding Inner Peace

I was SO excited to sit down with one of our original Chose Courage models. She lives in her...

You Don’t Know How Strong You Are

Virginia ~ Survivor of Domestic Abuse and one of the 12 original models for the Choose Courage...

Living Free From Fear

I recently met Leeta ,former Choose Courage model, at a quant coffee shop to catch-up, discuss her...

Possibilities In Healing

I sat down with Teen Dating Violence Survivor and Vice President of the Choose Courage Foundation...

I See You

I see your bravery. I see your beauty. I see your heart. I see your courage. I see your amazing....
Choose Courage Foundation

We believe that beauty has the power to inspire change. 

1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men will be victims of domestic abuse in their lifetime and most will never reach out for help. 

In addition to survivor photoshoots and events, we are using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to spread a message of hope, awareness and to reach victims who are in an abusive situation. Please join us in our mission to advocate for courage.

Become a Butterfly Ninja


Butterfly Ninjas are a nationwide community of volunteers committed to growing awareness about domestic violence and supporting the Choose Courage Foundation.

They use their skills to spread awareness about domestic violence, encourage victims to seek help, and prevent the next generation of abuse.

survivor  celebrations

From the hard, beauty can emerge.

Survivors of domestic violence have a strength and beauty that inspires hope.

They are proof of a life reclaimed and free of violence. Their courage is inspiring victims to

reach out for thelp and break the cycle of abuse.

The Teen Project


Become a Teen Ambassador and help prevent the next generation of abuse. 

The Teen Project empowers teens to know and recognize relationship #redflags in dating situations. 

Our 28 day teen social media takeover entertains, educates and empowers our youth to “be the change”. 

Sign-up for this resume building, difference making, service hour opportunity. 

Get Help

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is confidential and available 24/7 for anyone seeking resources, information, or help.


Every single dollar counts and helps break the shame, stigma and silence of domestic abuse.

Become a one time donor or join our Butterfly Society.

In the Community

Follow our blog for our latest outreach, projects and survivor celebrations.